Mission and vision

We transform your donations into sustainable actions that change the daily lives of populations made vulnerable by the absence of regional peace for several decades and by the resurgence of open wars. The economic, social and societal fabric of post-Soviet Armenia has been profoundly affected by this condition. Despite the difficulties caused by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and a regional environment marked by hostility and unpredictability, the Armenian population has shown remarkable resilience, visible ‘below’ in the dynamism and voluntarism of its youth, and ‘above’ in the deepening of democracy and the rule of law. However, as long as a large part of the population cannot extricate itself from the situation of vulnerability caused by armed conflicts and regional tensions, it cannot ensure its security – human, educational, professional and social. This is the cornerstone that will enable South Caucasian societies to embark on peaceful ways out of conflict, and this is what Armenia Peace is working to contribute to.

Since its creation, API has already given life to several transformative and sustainable projects. In 2020, we had to opt for emergency actions due to the 44-day war in Armenia and Artsakh. Our care turned first to the women and children left alone and to the soldiers who had returned wounded. For thousands of veterans, finding means to a new life is crucial. We have worked on this in 2021, and we will continue to do so. To the Armenian society as a whole, the means to a more secure life in their country are more necessary than ever to secure their future in the region.

Ambitious and determined, Armenia Peace Initiative continues to embark on new programmes to stabilise the situation in the region, to facilitate the professional reintegration of war-affected youth, to facilitate the dissemination of high-tech know-how, to support research and innovation, and to inform and educate all audiences. To this end, API proposes that everyone becomes an actor for peace.

An effective and useful donation

Giving to Armenia Peace Initiative is a concrete way to make a difference for the future of Armenia. Donations of any amount make our work possible, whether it is to prepare for peace or to strengthen security.

We provide the utmost transparency and are committed to reporting to you regularly on the use and effectiveness of your donation. Our accounts are audited annually by an independent firm known for its professionalism and integrity. To ensure that donations earmarked for a project are used only for that project, the private endowment of the fund fully covers our operational costs. This ensures that current and future donors can be confident that their money is going exactly where they want it to.

You can choose how you want to work. By donating to Armenia Peace Initiative, you have the opportunity to support the project(s) you care about. You can also let API decide where your donation should go based on priority needs and actions.

Combining generosity and taxation 

As a French non-profit organisation, donations from French fiscal residents to Armenia Peace Initiative are tax deductible. A CERFA form will be sent to you in the days following your donation for your future tax return:

  • For individuals: 66% of the amount of your donation, within the limit of 20% of your net taxable income
  • For professionals: 60% of the donation up to 0.5% of the turnover before tax